The E Shop Beta is here!

Cross-posted on The E Shop Beta Blog.

I am pleased to announce the launch of The E Shop Beta! Yes, it has the same content as The E Shop, and two of the pages lead to the pages on The E Shop with the same name, but The E Shop Beta is much different than its progenitor – Instead of filling out all of those complicated forms just to get an e-mail from us with the product that would probably come in a few days (or whenever we would check it; in short terms, unreliable “shipping”), we built The E Shop Beta’s interface from the ground up.

The E Club has partnered with e-commerce service Gumroad to automatize The E Shop Beta’s shopping experience. On the click of a button, you can fill out a much smaller form and instantly get an e-mail with the product (unless you’re creating an ad, and in that case, you will get a document on how to get started and an e-mail from us (that would come later) if you are approved). We believe that using Gumroad on The E Shop Beta (since it glitched when we tried it on The E Shop) is innovative and will help simplify the interface and experience for the users.

Since the Gumroad interface has been rejiggered to match The E Club’s styles and The E Shop and Beta’s 100% free product promise, there’s one small thing that we cannot control. Gumroad offers a pay-what-you-want solution to buyers, so the seller could sell it for say, $3, and a buyer could pay $4 or $2 depending on how much he or she wants to spend. Unfortunately, we couldn’t “sell” the products through Gumroad at an already-defined price of nothing, so if the user types in any positive dollar amount in the last field of the ordering system (you’ll know what we mean), he or she can’t proceed. (We rejiggered the interface so that it’s impossible to pay.) But there is a solution: Just type a 0 in that field, and you will get that product for free in an e-mail, just how we would usually offer it.

But what will happen to The E Shop? Yes, the debut of Beta pretty much renders The E Shop’s technology obsolete, with its instantaneous ordering service and subdomain of The E Club (finally!), but The E Shop will never be phased out. We think of The E Shop and Beta as one site with two different interfaces (so there are still 14 The E Club Family Websites), so users who are uncomfortable with the Gumroad interface can toggle between the two sites and fill out the form at The E Shop. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

We are excited to work with the endless opportunities of e-commerce, or in The E Club’s case, free-commerce on The E Shop and on The E Shop Beta. The E Club’s commerce division is better than ever.


The E Shop’s Redesign

A few days ago, we redesigned The E Shop, making it simpler, easier to use, and more awesome. Here are a few of the major redesigns we have done.

  • We have remade The E Shop’s logo. The old one was too big and unprofessional looking to fit The E Shop and The E Club Family’s experience. So, we redesigned it by making it simpler, smaller, and easier to look at, while using the same elements.
  • We have changed the main menu. The old one stuck out, took up multiple lines, and was the main focus instead of the content. So, we categorized The E Shop’s products and put them into categories, which are now the main menu.
  • We have simplified the sharing options. Before, there were a ton of sharing buttons below the posts and pages of The E Shop. But now, we simplified it by making the sharing options E-mailing, Liking, Tweeting, and +1’ing. We also have a ClubIt! Button WordPress plugin link above those. Also, the sharing buttons are no longer in the pages.
  • We have modernized the font. Along with all these other things, we have made The E Shop’s font, you guessed it, Open Sans. The E Club Family is a big user of this font face since we believe it is minimalistic, clean, and fun at the same time, which helps The E Club Family achieve its mission a little better.

We hope you enjoy the new The E Shop! The Adventures of Super Mario Bros? should be coming out in the next few months.

New: The E Club Credits at The E Club Social!

Now that we have integrated The E Club Credits into The E Club Forums and The E Club+, we are finally integrating them into The E Club Social!

It’s the same deal as it is on The E Club Forums: Be an active member on The E Club Social, automatically get The E Club Credits (your total can be seen on your profile), and type your profile’s ID (for example, u1; your profile’s ID can be found at the end of the profile’s URL) into one of The E Shop’s order forms, and you can automatically redeem those credits.


The E Club Credits at The E Club+

Now that we have integrated The E Club Credits into The E Club Forums, we have decided to also integrate The E Club Credits into The E Club+, our newest social network. On The E Club+, members can instantly give a pack of T|10 to another member as a part of The E Club+’s Gifts feature. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into The E Club+ and go to the profile of the member ( you want to send The E Club Credits to.
  2. There is a row of buttons above the member’s big avatar. Click on the one that says, “+Send Gift.”
  3. Click on the last icon in the popup. It should look green with small writing. This is the pack of T|10.
  4. You can make the gift private and send a custom message if you wish.
  5. Click send, and you’re done!

Enjoy this great new feature. Please note that sending The E Club Credit Stamps to another member is absolutely free, so send as many as you like!


Introducing…The E Club Credits from The E Club Forums!

The E Shop has some good news in getting paid with The E Club Credits! Before, you had to be a member/Platinum Member of The E Club, and you had to do something good for The E Club Family Websites. You can still do that now, but there’s another way!

With some collaboration with the member Youngster, The E Club Forums was re-created a couple days ago. I, E, has integrated The E Club Credits into The E Club Forums. If you write posts as a member or moderator, you get them! In The E Shop’s order forms, there’s an optional box, asking what your username on The E Club Forums is. You can type it in, and I will check how many The E Club Credits you have, deducting them from your Forum profile. Enjoy this new feature, and remember to join The E Club Forums at!


Welcome to The E Shop!

The E Shop is The E Club‘s free, online e-store. You can visit a smaller version of it at, but this is the big site for it. This site is still being set up, with all of its products and formatting, so look around and explore!

Note: All of The E Club’s products are free, except you have to pay a small fee of The E Club Credits™, The E Club’s “currency”. You can buy some for both product purchase and advertising on The E Club VIA The E Club Priority Advertising at the smaller version of The E Shop on The E Club, or here, at a page coming soon.